Covid-19 Is a Blessing in Disguise

As you know the whole world is quarantined in their homes because of covid-19, people have lost their jobs and some have even gone homeless people are just dreaming of the day this virus ends but wait … What if this virus is actually a good thing here are some things that make covid-19 a blessing in disguise.

1) The environment. The whole world is quarantined and businesses have shut down but some of those businesses were actually polluting the environment so many people are so worried about the virus that trees aren’t getting cut down most people that used smoke outside are locked in their own homes.

2) Staying with your family. Before quarantine I personally never had time for my family I was always busy with other things but now I can just hang out with them and spend time with them. Cause there are so many things I didn’t know about my family and now I can say we have a good connection.

3) Time to yourself. Whether your a introvert or a extrovert we all need time to our selves. Most people are so caught up in others they don’t realize how their treating them selves, now in quarantine where you are literally away from our friends that we can spend time treating yourself better. And figure out who you are all on your own. Now being with friends is not a bad thing but having some Time to yourself isn’t either.

Anyways I hope you learned something from this. I personally think that covid-19 is message from the earth telling us that this world is not our servant and we are not the Masters. We are simply visitors who come and go so make use of time you have now cause you won’t always have it. Ok love you byeeeeeeee 😘.

5 Reasons why Perfection is a Myth

When you look at yourself to everyone there’s something they all wish they could change but when you see someone that you think is perfect from their pov being ‘perfect’ is really not that enjoyable. I really hope you get something out of this if you do make sure you like, comment and follow to join our Royal league.

1) Expectations. When you look at people who are admired by others you don’t know that silently people are actually expecting them to be something better every time they see them. Imagine having so many people want so much from you and when someone says something that hurts you they expect you to be okay with it.

2) Trust issues. Okay so you’ve got a lot of people adoring you and in this generation you will most definitely have people that don’t like what your doing, and those people could even be your closest friends constantly having to wonder if you’re friend is really your friend is exhausting.

3) Insecurities. You know that saying fifteen minutes of fame. Yeah it’s true cause the the world really does have a bad memory so when your scared that you might have just became irrelevant you might think it’s your fault when it’s actually not, instead you start having this voice in your head that won’t stop talking it keeps telling you crap that isn’t true, but slowly you start to believe it.

4) Privacy. I think we can all agree that when you have a large fanbase no one really cares about your privacy or even personal needs it’s all about them needing a picture or an autograph or something to show that they saw you and it can get annoying.

5) Dissatisfaction. I know who hard it is being an artist or even an influencer always scared that your audience will get bored or even your family will start to think differently and start to be disappointed in you so it’s hard to always keep an image.

Anyways that’s it for today I hope you all learned something. I hope you all see that perfection is truly a myth and every one has flaws of their own and you shouldn’t be ashamed of them. I hope you all enjoyed remember I post every Monday and Thursday so make sure you like, comment and follow to join our Royal league ok love you byeeeeeeee 😘.

Questions people have a actually asked Me

Ok so if you don’t know I was actually born and raised in America but I recently came to Africa, now people in Africa suddenly think America is this crazy and abnormal place so now here are some questions that I have actually been asked about Americans.

1) Does America have dirt? I cannot make this up someone has literally asked me if America had dirt cause all they saw of it was the city so for some reason they thought dirt was like extinct or something. And they would think I’m the crazy one when I ask what they meant by that.

2) have I ever called the police on my parents? In Africa American is known for the how they take children from their parents Because their weren’t fit to be a parent personally I don’t know about this so I can’t say anything about it but people always think that I got my parents arrested just because I was born there.

3) do I walk around the streets naked? I don’t how many times people have asked me if I walk the streets naked, so most people assume everyone American does that. But the Truth is that what they saw were people at the beach in bikinis and to them it’s considered nude and apparently in their case that’s what people where everywhere.

4) does America has rural areas? Now if you don’t know a rural area is a place that people who are less fortunate go to cause they can’t afford to live in the city or towns or people who have tried to find jobs as farmers would probably go. Now since America is known for its big cities people atomatically think that ruaral areas don’t exist like at all.

5) did I interact with white people? As you know I am Black so hanging out with any one who isn’t black just is something completely out of the ordinary for them and you can’t really blame them cause all their lives dark or even Brown skin was what they knew as normal which is completely fine cause everyone has their own definition of Normal so when I tell them that I in fact did have a lot of White friends they would just freak out.

Any way that is it for today I hope you all enjoyed me ranting and please like and comment if you enjoyed it and make sure you follow so that you can join the Royalty league and become apart of the family ok love you byeeeeeeee😘

5 reasons why quarantine has brought out the most insane part of me

1) I become an indoor freak. like before I had school and homework and chores and all these different things to do and yet I still had time to go out and have fun with my friends but now I’m like, my mom asks me to go and like walk for five minutes to get onions and I will literally be like ‘ outsiiiiiidddde!!!!! But that means I have to talk to people’ in my most whining voice ever.

2)right now I’m in stage of my teenage life where I believe I can be independent and that I don’t need anyone so I cause my parents and family so much stress cause they have absolutely no idea what to expect of me so like anytime I open my mouth to talk their like ‘oh no what is she gonna say’ and we’ll me being the lunatic that I am I have fun with it cause I have nothing else to do with my life. So I would come to the living room angrily and stomp my way there and they’d start to get anxious and I’d be like ‘ what’s for lunch?’ and just see them let of a breath and just look so relieved but then start arguing with people about how I never eat. (I know I’m crazy

3) now ever since quarantine started I now all of a sudden have all these things I Wana do so what do I sleep it off until it’s gone I don’t like that feeling 🤮. So what I do is stay up all night doing absolutely nothing than sleep till like 2 pm but my crazy ass family won’t let sleep till its midnight So what I do while I’m awake at night I do whatever it takes to make sure that by morning when I’m asleep their too busy to notice so like I’ll mess up the living room I spill water all over the floor and sometimes I will make sure my baby siblings diapers are full so by morning they’ll all be too busy to notice that I’m asleep 😇😇😇.

Now as much as I would love to continue this I think it getting way to long so tune in for part two byeeeeeee😘

5 Steps Into Becoming You’re own Form of Royalty

    All over the world no matter where you go there will be someone who is better than you, whether your a girl or a boy you will one see a perfect person and all you can think about is ‘ why can’t I be just a little bit like them’. Whether it be a celebrity, or even your sibling you will find or already found the perfect person that make you look like a fool. Well thats were your wrong, these people aren’t perfect in fact they probably have more insecurities on the inside than you are all together. But this is about you so let me teach you how to be your own form of royalty and by this I mean that not every king or queen needs a throne to sit or even a crown placed on their heads they just need a little bit of confidence or a moment when they realize their own potential.

Step one: simply don’t look

      As I said you will always meet some one who in your own vocabulary is the definition of perfection. Of course as per human nature you will try to be just like them only to completely fail at it. So simply don’t look it’s as easy as that. Don’t look at them or pay any attention to them. I know what some of you will think ‘i see them every day and there every where I can’t simply not look at them when people treat them like their gold itself’ yes you can how? You worry about your self not others, you, live life as if it revolves around you and the best part is no one has to do it with you, you can do it alone and don’t worry about what they’ll think no, worry about how you’ll kill it or how you’ll prove them wrong cause even I know how grate it feels to do something no one thought you could do. When people say thing that make you believe that you don’t deserve something than just say, yeah there probably  is about five million or more people that are better than me but against all those people I am  one thing they aren’t, they aren’t me and that’s as good as it gets.


Step two: Be your self not others


      I know you hear this alot from even more people, but the thing is people tend to do it the wrong way, you see what most people will say and say alot is something like ‘ well I don’t even know who I am’ and that’s okay figuring out who you are is a journey that requires a lifetime so don’t rush things, think about now what are you dealing with now collage choices, Major’s or even something simple what you want to eat. Being yourself is all about what seems good to you when making a choice that will effect you on multiple levels, for just a few moments forget about the world, tune it all out think about your self and no one else think about what you want.

Step three: Live in the moment

     Obviously, there is nothing wrong with making memories but sometimes were so caught up wanting proof that the moment happened we forget to actually enjoy it while it last. Most of time real happiness comes from the moment you put down your phone and just look around you, what you see in social media should be none of your business. When your happy thrive on it live like you’ll never live again and maybe then will we be able to appreciate what we truly have.

Step four: You belong to no one

There is a difference between showing gratitude and being someone’s pet. If someone did something for you yeah, you should appreciate them but that doesn’t mean there allowed to use it against you. Now don’t get wrong if they helped you during your worst then let them now how grateful you are but they shouldn’t be bringing out the fact that that helped you as a way of insulting you or making it seem that it’s thanks to them you got where you were. But don’t make it seem as if your not appreciative of what they did for you cause always let them know that yeah they helped you and hopefully you’ll be able to help them too, but You are not in in a lifetime of debt to them.

Step five: You where a crown on your head let the world know

Every one on this planet is beautiful I have never seen an ugly person in my life so if there is someone making you feel like your not enough or you’ll never amount anything let them know that you’re priceless and when they say something like that their right cause no amount of money is worth you’re amazing self .

After reading these I really hope you finally realize how much you’re worth and just because someone is at the best point of their life doesn’t mean you should feel bad about yourself. There’s something I always say and its always live like it’s the best moment of you’re life cause it could be your last.

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